2018 Gift Guide for Horse People!

Need some gift shopping inspiration? Here's my pick of Punk Ponies products for Christmas 2018 for all budgets! Prices listed are in NZD currency.

$25 and under

  • Horse treats. Because ponies like getting presents too! www.punkponies.com/collections/treats 
  • Bonnets. With 4 different styles of bonnets available ranging from $16-$24 and heaps of colours and sizes in stock, there is something for every matchy matchy fan! www.punkponies.com/collections/ear-bonnets
  • Mrs Conn's Shampoo Sponges. These are always a popular gift idea! Heaps of scents to choose from. www.punkponies.com/collections/grooming-products
  • Fizzing Bit Cleaner. Fun and practical, this bit cleaner fizzes as it dissolves and works its magic on your bits! www.punkponies.com/collections/grooming-products/products/effervescent-bit-cleaner 

$50 and under

  • Fleece padded halters. These are available in a huge range of colours and sizes, and are super luxurious! www.punkponies.com/collections/halters/products/new-style-fleece-halters 
  • Dressage Boots. These mutli-discipline boots are great for everything from flatwork to jumping to barrel racing! www.punkponies.com/collections/horse-boots/products/dressage-boots 
  • Rope Halters. We have 4 different styles to choose from. These make great gifts for horse people of all ages and riding disciplines! www.punkponies.com/collections/halters 
  • Bling Browband. For the secret magpie in your life! www.punkponies.com/collections/bling-browbands/products/bling-browbands-1 

$75 and under

  • Stirrups! We are well known for our massive range of stirrups and they are always popular as gifts. www.punkponies.com/collections/stirrups 
  • Front Boots for Jumping. These boots protect your horse's legs whilst looking beautiful! Approved for ESNZ show jumping competition use at all levels in New Zealand. www.punkponies.com/collections/horse-boots/products/open-front-boots-front-boots-only 
  • Rainbow Bits and Hackamores. Subtly figure out your friend's bit size and style and surprise them with a unique rainbow bit! www.punkponies.com/collections/bits-and-hackamores 
  • Swedish Stud Multi-tool. This awesome tool is like a swiss army knife for studding! A great gift for anyone who regularly uses studs. www.punkponies.com/collections/studs 

Over $75

  • Pegasus Breastplate. Available in English or Western style in black or brown leather, these are proving to be popular with a wide range of disciplines. www.punkponies.com/collections/bridles 
  • Set of four jump boots. These boots are fantastic for schooling! Hind boots in this set are not approved for ESNZ competition at all levels. www.punkponies.com/collections/horse-boots/products/set-of-four-open-front-boots 
  • New riding clothes. We have a great range of quality casual riding shirts, breeches, and accessories. www.punkponies.com/collections/apparel 
  • Matchy Matchy Sets. Every matchy matchy fan's dream present! www.punkponies.com/collections/sets