Aphrodite Open Front Boots
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Aphrodite Open Front Boots

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Limited Edition Aphrodite open front boots, set of four (two front and two back boots). These boots have a seafoam green base colour with a pastel rainbow print and a metallic holographic sheen. Of the 4 colours in the Goddesses collection 3 will never be reproduced, the top selling colour may be reproduced in the future.

Gorgeous open front boots with faux-mink lining for your horse's comfort and protection. Suitable for a wide range of riding disciplines in both training and competition. Set of four includes two front and two back boots.

Sizing guide:

Please note this sizing runs small.

Small Pony is best suited to 10hh-11.3hh.

Pony is best suited to 12hh-13hh.

Cob is best suited to 13.1hh-14.3hh.

Full is best suited to 14.3hh-16hh.

Xtra Full is best suited to 16hh +.

Note these are breed and build dependent, please email us for sizing advice and measurements.

Care Guide:

These boots are made with a faux leather outer which is not designed to be submerged in water for extended periods of time. Wipe outer clean with a damp cloth, gently scrub fluff clean with horse shampoo and rinse well. Do not soak the boots.

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