SECONDS Rose Gold Loose Ring Lozenge Bit
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SECONDS Rose Gold Loose Ring Lozenge Bit

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These bits are electroplated with a rose gold coloured coating, however the process of doing this failed with this batch and as a result the actual colouring ranges from gold/brass to pinkish rose gold, with most bits falling nearer the gold end of the colour spectrum. Some bits have patches of different shades of colour on them, and its possible the coating may partially or fully rub off with use. For this reason they have been heavily discounted (see our rainbow bits for the usual price of our bits) and are being sold far below cost. Because of this discount there are no returns, refunds, or exchanges on this product. All sales are final. Sorry I cannot guarantee the bit you receive will be a certain shade of gold or free from patches, scratches etc - its cheap and cheerful :)

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