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Damaged stock - Pony Glam Hoof Dressing
Pony Glam

Damaged stock - Pony Glam Hoof Dressing

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Colour tinted and glitter filled hoof dressing! Hoof Hi-Lites is the glamorous alternative to clear hoof dressing. Hoof Hi-Lites is a coloured hoof dressing that moisturizes and conditions the hooves while adding the perfect amount of glam.  Hoof Hi-Lites wears off naturally and does not stain the hooves! If needed, it can be washed off immediately.  If you like colour and sparkle then you will love Hoof Hi-Lites!  It is 100% pony proof: Farrier, Natural Trimmer and Vet approved! 

Made in the USA with natural ingredients.

These tins may have dents or rust spots but are still perfectly useable and the product inside is unaffected. No returns or refunds on this product.

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