Athena Dressage Pad
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Athena Dressage Pad

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Limited Edition Athena Dressage saddle pad. This saddle pad has a bold rainbow and gold base colour with a metallic holographic sheen. The rainbow print has unevenly spaced colour panels and these may be horizontally or vertically striped, with the occasional spot that resembles a droplet in an oil puddle, this is part of the design. Only 30 Dressage pads in this fabric are available, 10 in pony size and 20 in full. This saddle pad is part of the Goddesses collection. Of the 4 colours in this collection 3 will never be reproduced, the top selling colour may be reproduced in the future.

A shiny vinyl saddle pad in a wither relief and back relief jump cut. Made with a sweat wicking cotton underside and 12mm shock absorbing comfort foam. 

Size Guide:

Our saddle pads fit fairly true to size. If you usually purchase saddle pads from brands that only make sizes Pony and Full then you will likely find our saddle pads to be a similar fit to those. If you usually purchase saddle pads from brands that make sizes Pony, Cob, and Full then you will likely find our Full size pads to be slightly smaller than their Full size, and our Pony size pads to be slightly large than their Pony size – this is because we do not make a Cob size.

If you have a pony 12hh-14hh choose Pony size. If you have a horse over 15hh choose Full size. If you have a 14hh-15hh choose Pony size for saddles 16.5” and under, or Full size for saddles over 16.5”. We do have a lot of customers who use our Pony size pads on ponies 11-11.3hh however some people have found the pads to be a bit too large for ponies that size (they are still perfectly useable, they just may look a little large).

Due to the shape of the Jump saddle pads they are longer in length (along the horse’s spine) than a GP pad and are best suited to ponies 13hh and up. We recommend our GP and dressage cut pads for 12-13hh ponies and custom made for ponies below that height. Breed and build dependent.

Unfortunately the only way we can make shipping for vinyl pads affordable is by folding them in quarters, which does cause permanent creases/wrinkles in the fabric. By purchasing this item you agree to accept that your pad will arrive with creases and will not be "perfect".

These saddle blankets are not suitable for washing machines but can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or gently scrubbed with warm water and shampoo (underside only). Some wrinkles in the fabric and lines are normal, it is just about impossible to quilt vinyl without some marks, and the lines are a part of the fabric. However these are not very noticeable when the pad is used as the colouring is so vibrant and eyecatching!

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