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Miniature Horse Brushing Boots

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These teeny tiny boots are suitable for fine boned miniature horses of various heights. They are made just like our boots for bigger horses, only much smaller! Great for protecting little legs when training obstacles, harness, and jumping. Sold as one pair (2 boots).

Size Guide:

"Mini" are best suited to a small mini (Cat A) with a fine build. These boots are seriously tiny, probably best suited to a yearling Cat A, they are much too small for my 35.5" fine boned mini.

"Small" are best suited to a fine boned large Cat A or small Cat B. They fit well on my mini (see above) but do not have room to fit a chunkier horse so are likely too small for a Shetland. Please note this is a different size to Small Pony (in our regular brushing boots product listing) and is much much smaller than Small Pony.

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