Electroplated Safer Stirrups
Electroplated Safer Stirrups
Punk Ponies

Electroplated Safer Stirrups

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The Punk Ponies Safer Stirrup is a stirrup designed to reduce the risk of being dragged after a fall from a horse. The rubber pipe is sturdy enough to not come up open when riding normally, but can detach from both the top and bottom of the stirrup when a large amount of pressure is applied during a fall. However they are not guaranteed to do this and should be used at the rider's own risk. At Punk Ponies we don't believe there is such a thing as a true "safety stirrup". Horse riding is a dangerous sport and freak accidents can occur with any piece of tack. However we do believe that riding can be made safer by using special equipment, and the Safer Stirrup provides an affordable, safer, alternative to the traditional standard stirrup.

Instructions for use:

Always ride with the rubber pipe on the outside of your foot (the side furthest from the horse).

These stainless steel stirrups have been coloured with electro-plating which is stronger and more resistant than our painted stirrups range.

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