CLEARANCE Rainbow Standard and Flexi Stirrups
CLEARANCE Rainbow Standard and Flexi Stirrups
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CLEARANCE Rainbow Standard and Flexi Stirrups

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Also known as chrome, unicorn, and oil slick, this beautiful colouring is created not through the use of dyes or paint but by the natural chemical reaction when titanium is immersed in water with an electrical current running through it. These stirrups are stainless steel with titanium plating. Each stirrup is unique and therefore will not be identical to the other in its pair. They have a "gold" side and a "blue" side though this will vary and some will be more gold/pink/blue/green etc than others. Size 4.75"

Peacock stirrups are often considered to be a safer choice as they are designed to break open during a fall to prevent being dragged. However they are not guaranteed to do this and should be used at the rider's own risk.

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