SECONDS Rainbow Western Stirrups
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SECONDS Rainbow Western Stirrups

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These stirrups have a faulty colour coating which is subject to chipping and peeling, as well as areas of rubs and discolouration. It is very likely that with minor use the colour coating will completely wear off. For this reason they have been heavily discounted to clear. By purchasing one of these products you acknowledge that the product will have one or more minor or major cosmetic flaws that do not impact the usage of the product but may be visible when in use. You acknowledge that the coloured coating is likely to wear off quickly with use and may already have worn off in some places before you receive the products, as well as potentially having other flaws such as marks, scratches, or other cosmetic flaws. Note that the photo is a stock image only and does not show the flaws in the colouring. 

Absolutely stunning, these will really turn heads!  Each stirrup is unique and therefore will not be identical to the other in its pair. They have a "gold" side and a "blue" side though this will vary and some will be more gold/pink/blue/green etc than others. We pair these stirrups with their closest colour match so that they will always look like a pair.

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