Colour Changing Fleece Halters
Colour Changing Fleece Halters
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Colour Changing Fleece Halters

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These beautiful fleece halters have a strong webbing base with fleece padding for comfort and durability. Fit is adjustable with buckles on the nose as well as both sides of the head, and a side clip to make them easy to put on and remove. We have kept the design of these halters simple and classic, to make them easy to use, particularly when tacking up. The colour changing fabrics are eye catching and the perfect match for our saddle pads, grooming bags, boots, bonnets and more in our colour changing collection.

Size Guide: please note this is a general guide only, halter sizing is VERY dependent on breeds, and individuals within breeds. A 13hh Icelandic will often have a larger head than a 15.2hh Thoroughbred. 

These halters fit true to size with the exception of the smaller pony sizes which fit a little large. All of these halters are slightly smaller fitting than our Signature Fleece Halters which are made to a different design and are large fitting.

Mini- Best fits large British Shetland Ponies of 10.2hh-11.2hh and small refined pony breeds of 11.2hh-12.3hh. Too big for a miniature horse. Pictured on a bay 10.2hh shetland x welsh on its smallest settings, so is best suited to a slightly larger pony.

Shetland - Best fits 11.2hh-12.2hh. Very similar in size to "Mini", just a tiny bit bigger.

Small Pony - Best fits 12.2hh-13.3hh.

Pony - Best fits 13hh-14hh.

Cob - Best fits 14hh-15hh. This fit our palomino 14.2hh welsh cob model with some room to fit a larger head.

Full - Best fits 15hh-17hh. The palomino 14.2hh is modelling this size on the tightest settings and it would not fit a smaller horse. The two large bay thoroughbreds are 17.2hh and 17.3hh and are wearing this size with room to fit a slightly larger head, though both of them have a relatively refined, delicate head typical of NZ tbs, and these halters would not necessarily fit a 17hh warmblood or draft horse.

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