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Custom Handmade Saddle Pads - Do not add to cart!
Punk Ponies

Custom Handmade Saddle Pads - Do not add to cart!

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These saddle pads are NOT free. Do not add this listing to your cart! Custom pads can only be ordered through email, not purchased through cart. Prices start at $60NZD plus post.

To order, email us at

Punk Ponies specialises in making custom saddle pads to our customer's specifications. All pads are made from high quality cotton or high percentage cotton/polyester blends to maximize horse and rider comfort and saddle pad durability. They come in three levels of fill; Economy - wadding of 200gm/m2, Standard - wadding of 400gm/m2, and Premium - 9mm comfort foam with wadding 200gm/m2. Prices are quoted based on complexity of saddle pad design, fill and extras such as Austrian crystals etc.

Pads can be made in any shape or size that you wish including swallowtail, modern jump style, dressage, half pad, and full, cob, pony, mini, or draft horse sizes.

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