Holographic Bridle
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Holographic Bridle

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Note: This bridle now includes a holo browband, rather than the bling browband pictured.

This holo bridle is truly unique with its all over holo detailing, including holographic reins! The leather lining is genuine leather, chosen to be soft and comfortable for the horse, particularly on the padded noseband. These bridles fit true to size. Holo flash noseband is included (not pictured). Rainbow bit is not included but can be purchased separately under our "Bits and Hackamores" page. Matching holo saddle pads, boots, bonnets, and so much more are also available!

Some wrinkles in the holo fabric and lines are normal, it is just about impossible to sew vinyl without some marks, and the lines are a part of the fabric. However these are not noticeable when the bridle is used as the colouring is so vibrant and eyecatching!

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