Red, White, and Silver 14.5" Show Browband
Red, White, and Silver 14.5" Show Browband
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Red, White, and Silver 14.5" Show Browband

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Red, White, and Silver show browband to bling up your bridle!

-Satin rosettes with velvet and satin flags

-Woven velvet, satin, and patent silver leather browband with felt backing

-1.2" width

-Handmade in New Zealand by Beautiful Browbands

Browband Size Guide: Please measure a browband that fits your horse well for the best fit, as recommended sizes are a guide only and can not factor in the difference in conformation of different horses of the same height.

13" - Small Pony size. Usually fits up to approximately 12hh. Will also fit most miniature horses as they tend to have wide foreheads for their size.

14" - Pony size. Usually fits 12hh-13.3hh.

15" - Cob size. Usually fits 14hh-14.3hh.

16" - Hack/Full size. Usually fits 15hh-16hh.

17" - Warmblood/Xtra Full size. Usually fits 16hh-17.2hh.

Show browbands are designed to be used for shows only and not everyday riding. They are made with delicate materials as these are what makes them so beautiful, but this means they will wear out quicker than a plain leather browband if you use them daily.

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