SECONDS Holo Brushing Boots - White Fleece
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SECONDS Holo Brushing Boots - White Fleece

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Since the pandemic we have had issues sourcing quality holo fabric, the only fabric that has been available to us recently is poor quality. While it initially appears to be beautiful we have found that the holo wears off quickly and easily leaving black marks in its place. When we discovered this we pulled all of the new holo stock from sale and debated whether to throw it all out or sell it at a loss. As the faulty fabric doesn't actually impact the use of the products at all, and as it appears we will not be able to make any more holo products for quite some time until we can source quality fabric again, I have decided to sell the faulty products at a bargain price.

By purchasing one of these products you acknowledge that the product will have one or more minor or major cosmetic flaws that do not impact the usage of the product but may be visible when in use. You acknowledge that the holo coating is likely to wear off quickly with use and may already have worn off in some places before you receive the products, as well as potentially having other flaws such as silver marks, scratches, or other cosmetic flaws. Note that the photo is a stock image only and does not show the flaws in the fabric. 

Faux sheepskin lined faux patent leather boots for protecting the horse's tendons and legs during riding and training. Suitable for schooling all english and western disciplines including jumping. These boots fit true to size based on front legs size. Sold in sets of two.

Pony size and smaller have two straps, cob size and larger have three straps.

Whilst I have tried my best to capture the colours accurately, they will appear slightly different on different monitors.

Size Guide:

"Mini" are best suited to a small mini (Cat A) with a fine build. These boots are seriously tiny, probably best suited to a yearling Cat A, they are much too small for my 35.5" fine boned mini. These boots have narrow straps.

"Large Mini/Small" are best suited to a fine boned large Cat A or small Cat B. They fit well on my mini (see above) but do not have room to fit a chunkier horse so are likely too small for a Shetland. Please note this is a different size to Small Pony (in our regular brushing boots product listing) and is much much smaller than Small Pony. These boots may have narrow straps or wide straps.

"Shetland" is a new size slightly larger (approximately 1cm longer and 1-2cm wider) than "Large Mini/Small" and have not been tried on a Shetland pony for size yet so we do not currently have a size guide for this size.

Small Pony is best suited to 12hh-13.2hh.

Pony is best suited to 13.2hh-14.2hh.

Cob is best suited to 14.2hh-15.2hh.

Full is best suited to 15.2hh-16.2hh.

Xtra Full is best suited to 16.2hh +.

Note these are breed and build dependent, please email us for sizing advice and measurements.

Care Guide:

These boots are made with a faux leather outer which is not designed to be submerged in water for extended periods of time. Wipe outer clean with a damp cloth, gently scrub fluff clean with horse shampoo and rinse well. Do not soak the boots.

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