Tropical Sunset Colour Changing Jump Set
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Tropical Sunset Colour Changing Jump Set

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These multichrome products are made from an amazing fabric that changes colour when viewed from different angles! Please visit our colour changing saddle pad product pages for more information on how this fabric works (so that this description doesn't get too long!)

This set includes the following:

-Jump saddle pad (pony size with pony and cob sets, full size with full sets).

-Matching open front boots (set of four)

-Matching bonnet

Size guide:

Please note this sizing runs small. For stocky/heavier builds choose a larger size.

Pony is best suited to 12hh-13hh.

Cob is best suited to 13.1hh-14.2hh.

Full is best suited to 14.3hh-16hh.

Note these are breed and build dependent, please email us for sizing advice and measurements.

Small pony and xtra full boots available on request, stock depending.

We are happy to mix and match sizes, just email us before ordering to check that the sizes you would like are available.

Read before purchasing: The material used to give these pads their amazing colour changing effect is more textured than our usual glitter pads, so I tested a sample pad with my saddle for 6 months to check if it would scratch or mark the saddle in anyway. My saddle had absolutely no marks or scratches during this period and I would be very surprised if these saddle pads were to have any ill effect on any saddle, however we are a small business and simply can't afford to buy you a new saddle if it were to get a mark, so we have added this disclaimer for legal purposes: By purchasing this item you accept that the fabric is textured and may leave marks on your saddle or other tack, and you use this saddle pad at your own risk.

These pads are not as glittery as our glitter pads, they just have a light sprinkling and this does shed a lot easier than our glitter saddle pad fabric does. We recommend storing these pads in their plastic bags that they come in to keep your other tack free from glitter.

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