Colour Changing Treat Bags
Colour Changing Treat Bags
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Colour Changing Treat Bags

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Fanny packs, bumbags, waist bags - call them what you will, there's a good chance there's a country out there that finds the name to be a hilarious euphemism, so we've decided to just call them Treat Bags!

Perfect for holding your treats for trick training, +R, and liberty work, they fit close to the body so can be used either on the ground or while riding without interfering with your position. Adjustable strap allows the bag to be worn around the waist or across the shoulder. The pockets are large enough to hold your phone and keys, and the slim design reduces the movement of these while riding. Having your phone on you when riding (especially trail riding/hacking) is very important, in case the worst happens and you fall off. The danger of keeping your phone in your saddle bags is the risk of your horse bolting and leaving you alone with no way to call for help. Keeping your phone attached to you in a zipped up pocket means there is no risk of losing it when you need it most.

These bags are made from an amazing fabric that changes colour when viewed from different angles! They also have a sprinkling of glitter throughout for some added sparkle. Some of the panels of the bags will have fabric which reflects colours in the opposite way to the rest of the bag (e.g for the Tropical Sunset colour when some of the bag is reflecting gold, the rest might reflect pink and vice versa), this is due to the way fabric is cut to reduce fabric wastage.

These bags are not as glittery as our glitter bags, they just have a light sprinkling and this does shed a lot easier than our glitter saddle pad fabric does.

These bags are adult sized.

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