Noise Reducing Bonnets
Noise Reducing Bonnets
Noise Reducing Bonnets
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Noise Reducing Bonnets

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These bonnets are made with soft foam padding in the ears to reduce sound. They are not sound proof and the horse will still be able to hear you talk to them, as well as other noises, but they will soften and reduce loud noises that may cause them to become spooky.

The ears on these are quite long and may require adjusting, hence the low price. To adjust these simply turn the "ear" of the bonnet inside out, measure and mark the length of your horse's ear +1-2cm for room. Then resew along the curve to this mark, and cut off the excess.

Size Guide:

Our bonnets size a little small, if in doubt please choose a larger size :) Size guide is based on horses of fine to average build, stocky builds should size up.

Pony - fits approximately 12-13.2hh

Cob - fits approx 13.3hh-14.2hh

Full - fits approx 14.3hh-15.3hh

The ears on them are purposefully long enough to accommodate breeds with large ears. For breeds with small ears you may wish to sew the ears smaller. This is easily done with a sewing machine, or even by hand, and you are welcome to email us for instructions and assistance with this. We also offer this tailoring service on our custom bonnet orders, though please email us before ordering if you wish for us to tailor them, as there are times when the waiting list can be long, and we do not want to delay your order being shipped.

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