SECONDS Sky Blue Brushing Boots
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SECONDS Sky Blue Brushing Boots

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The original price of these boots was 50NZD (50% discounted), shopify has an error showing the price as being originally 90NZD which it is not allowing me to correct sorry!

These boots arrived with a manufacturing fault - the colouring on the sky blue vinyl has bonded with the plastic packaging the boots come in and consequently is peeling off the boots when you open the packaging. This makes for some not very pretty boots, but as it doesn't impact on their use at all I just didn't have the heart to throw them all out. So instead you can grab them at a bargain price here, or spend over $150NZD and add these to cart to get them free! Free boots are one (1x pair of boots) per order. Add the size you want to cart and the discount will automatically apply at checkout if you have spent over $150NZD on other item(s). You can place multiple orders to get multiple free sets of boots, however we are not able to refund any of the postage costs for these additional orders. There are no returns or exchanges on free boots.

By purchasing one of these products you acknowledge that the product will have one or more minor or major cosmetic flaws that do not impact the usage of the product but may be visible when in use. Note that the photo is a stock image only and does not show the flaws in the boots.  Please note that all clearance sales are final and there are no returns, refunds, or exchanges on this product.

Sizing guide:

Please note this sizing runs small.

Small Pony is best suited to 10hh-11.3hh.

Pony is best suited to 12hh-13hh.

Cob is best suited to 13.1hh-14.3hh.

Full is best suited to 14.3hh-16hh.

Xtra Full is best suited to 16hh +.

Note these are breed and build dependent, please email us for sizing advice and measurements.

Care Guide:

These boots are made with a faux leather outer which is not designed to be submerged in water for extended periods of time. Wipe outer clean with a damp cloth, gently scrub fluff clean with horse shampoo and rinse well. Do not soak the boots.

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